Daniel Cataldo photo

Dr. Daniel Cataldo

Plastic surgeon

Daniel Cataldo is a plastic surgeon specializing in reconstructive surgery, in particular facial.

His solid background in general surgery, thoracic, cardiac and reconstructive surgery has characterized his career which he began straight after graduating at just 22, winning a place at the illustrious Hospital of Buenos Aires. There he participated in general surgery and went on to reconstructive surgery specifically treating burns and severe malformations in children from villages in Patagonia.

Those were the 80s and since then Dr Cataldo has never looked back neither has he ever interrupted his profession.

In Paris at the 'Necker Enfants Malades', the most important pediatric hospital in France, he specialized in reconstructive surgery as right-hand man to Dr. Daniel Marchac, whose mastery contributed enormously to the breakthrough of plastic surgery, especially intracranial and craniofacial. Alongside, Cataldo learnt to reconstruct cranial malformations hemangiomas and tumours in children via intracranial, years before this technique was performed in Italy.

For a period Dr. Cataldo was personal assistant to Prof. Marchac at the Necker Enfants Malades in Paris. Ironically both surgeons did their internship at the Hospital Saint Louis in Paris.

After a phase in London Dr. Cataldo improved his techniques side-by-side such talents as Prof. Magdy Yacoub and Donald Ross to return to Paris at the prestigious Hôpital Saint-Louis, the largest hospital in the field of plastic surgery where he continued his formation. His meeting with his great friend and colleague Jean Marie Servant has been a 20-year long relationship.

Together they founded the Operation Servant, Medecin du Monde which has been active in Niger almost since then.