• Rhinoplasty - Dr. Daniel Cataldo


This is a branch of plastic surgery that corrects the aesthetic defects of the nose to improve and complement one's facial features.

A strong and well-proportioned nasal skeleton is paramount to long-lasting beauty and its function. Surgery can correct the shape and size of nose imperfections.

Again, Dr. Cataldo's approach to this particular field of plastic surgery has been born from years of surgical experience, precision and detail.

Exacting detail is given to the cartilage that supports the skeleton of the nose, determining the form, which vary enormously  from person to person. 

Dr. Cataldo has a conservative approach to this matter, in that he will advise you on the most suitable re-shaping of your nose to suit your face - just a slight alteration can improve your appearance, and flatter facial features. 

The corrections to the profile, its width, the shape and the projection of the tip, the width of the nostrils, a deviation or asymmetry, are obtained either by reducing the bone and cartilage, or by adding some parts of the nose cartilage that to give a natural appearance.  

Postoperative recovery consists in the application of cold compresses to reduce swelling and bruising that will appear immediately after surgery. 

Swelling in the eye areas increases in the first 48 hours but tends to go down about the third day after the operation. Possible pain or discomfort can be treated effectively with suitable medication. Nose packing will removed on the second or third day, while the splints are removed after 7-9 days. 

For those patients in their 30s, who have an obvious relaxation of the tissues, can also achieve a naturally beautiful nose that will last them a lifetime.

Cataldo-Servant method has excellent results on older patients too.