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    Breast lift

Breast lift

The breast lift - also known as Mastopexy or breast ptosis - is that part of plastic surgery whose aim is to lift mild or severe breast sagging

With time, and because of the force of gravity, the mammary gland and skin tend to droop. This process can be accelerated by ageing, weight fluctuation, pregnancy  and nursing and may be associated with a decrease in the volume of the breast.

This type of breast lift aims to reposition the nipple, raise the mammary gland and remove the excess skin.  In the case of the breast being empty, Dr. Cataldo will evaluate the introduction of an implant at the time of surgery or several months after the same. 

In the months prior to surgery it is strongly advised to not smoke nor take contraceptives, and importantly, avoid taking aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs 10 days before.

The inverted T-shaped scar will be approximately the length of the amount  of the breast lifted. A touch up to the scar may be necessary in a few cases.

In the first four weeks following the breast lift, you will be prescribed a soft non-wired supportive bra, which is to be worn day and night.