Reconstructive surgery

Dr. Daniel Cataldo is now a point of reference in Italy and abroad, not only in the field of cosmetic surgery, but also in reconstructive surgery.

The aesthetic results he is now able to achieve are the outcome of years of practice and training in the field of reconstructive surgery, flanking the greatest experts for the number of interventions and advanced techniques adopted, above all in France, a leader in research in this field.

Undoubtedly thanks to a considerable source of experience gained through his collaboration with luminary surgeons namely Prof. Jean Marie Servant, Prof. Daniel Marchac, and Prof. Rene Favaloro, has enabled Dr. Cataldo to perform complex reconstructive surgery and treat delicate cases of burns, malformations and tumors.

Dr. Cataldo is passionate about this medical specialty in continuous evolution and transformation, requiring him to constantly review techniques used to obtain better, more natural and stable results over time. A passion that is translated into an intense commitment to research and develop new surgical techniques, with particular attention to the reconstruction of oncological and traumatic nature.

Becoming a specialist in reconstructive surgery is a major investment on the part of a plastic surgeon -  and for years Dr. Cataldo is dedicated to treating patients suffering from cancer, traumas, burns and infections reconstructing not only the normality of their body, but also their soul.

And his precious expertise has now borne fruit: the University of Buenos Aires has in fact appointed him Doctor of the year - in October 2014, he will receive the award at the Faculty of Medicine, followed by a series of conferences in all the universities of the city.  It will certainly be a unique opportunity to spread his experience.

"One thing I will always treasure is my teachers constant reminder that in the operating room it is not enough to know how to reproduce techniques according to protocol and procedure. Clinical records of reconstructive surgery is so vast, every single patient's needs are unlike another, therefore every intervention becomes a new experience. And sometimes, because of a health problem, problems can occur during complex reconstructions.  Fortunately I have always resolved them.
When I go into the operating room, and put on my gown and gloves, I'm calm: I know exactly what I have to do, and I know I can do it well. At the beginning everything seems difficult, but it goes without saying that I feel confident after all the research applied in my work, and the vast and unique experience gained along the way."

To view the photo gallery of the operations, click here. Warning, the following pictures may be disturbing to some viewers.