Jean Marie Servant

Professor at the University Paris VII, at the Hôpital Saint-Louis in Paris and the University of Tokyo, Jean Marie Servant is a world-renowned surgeon specializing in plastic and reconstructive surgery: over the past 40 years, he has carried out thousands of complex operations, held lectures and conferences as well as having published numerous works of great scientific value.

Jean Marie Servant is head of reconstructive and aesthetic surgery of the Hospital Saint-Louis in Paris and former president of the French Society of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery.

Their shared passion for reconstructive surgery brought Prof. Jean Marie Servant and Dr. Daniel Cataldo to meet and work together for 30 years forging a fruitful collaboration made up of professionalism and team spirit.

For at least 18 years in Africa, both have dealt with extremely delicate cases: together carrying out experiments regarding Cancrus Oris which have improved medical knowledge of specific types of infections thus leading to the invention of new facial reconstruction techniques, an important step forward for the future of reconstructive surgery of the face.