Daniel Cataldo appointed Doctor of the Year

Daniel Cataldo appointed Doctor of the Year


Competence, passion, social commitment, outstanding training in cardiac, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery: long-term experience alongside world-renowned surgeons, a professionalism with which he approaches each surgical intervention, the passion for reconstructive surgery and the commitment and dedication demonstrated during his 18-year long activity in Niger for Operation Servant

These were the very reasons for the Argentine Medical Association to nominate Dr. Cataldo Physician of the Year, a prestigious  award presented last October 22, 2014 in Buenos Aires

Dear Doctor Cataldo,

On behalf of our Jury and Advisory Council, we have the pleasure of awarding you the title of "Doctor of the Year" an international recognition for your commitment to welfare, exemplary vocation and academic reputation.

The Diploma of Honor will be conferred by Prof. Dr. Elias Hurtado Joyo (President of the Medical Association Argentina).

It will be our pleasure to bestow this outstanding academic recognition on you at the Aula Magna, Faculty of Medicine, University of Buenos Aires in October.

We look forward to receiving your confirmation, and in the hope that you will accept, may I extend my congratulations, and best wishes,

Dr. Tulio Hube
Executive Director - Argentine Medical Association

Appointment Physician of the Year
Letter by the Embassy of Argentina in Vatican

Photo: Elias Hurtado Hoyo, Chief of Surgery at University Hospital in Buenos Aires and President of Argentine Medical Association. Reconstructive surgery of the face and lifting of the face and neck, work performed at the University of Paris.

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